About Wingspread:

"Wingspread" is a house built in Wind Point, Wisconsin by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1938-1939 for Herbert F. Johnson of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. In 1961, it was dedicated to The Johnson Foundation to use as a conference center. The Johnson Foundation also provides free tours of the building.

About Me:

My name is Jameson Gagnepain. I'm an Adult Fan Of LEGO (AFOL) living in Kenosha, Wisconsin with my beautiful wife and daughter. LEGO has long been a passion of mine. I attend the BrickWorld convention in Chicago, IL every year, and I do many regular shows with KLUG (Kenosha LEGO Users Group). While I have many interests in LEGO, highest among them are architecture and mechanical structures.

About My Model:

In 2012, after finishing my model of Frank Lloyd Wright's "Thomas P. Hardy House", I wanted to build another Frank Lloyd Wright house. I ended up deciding on Wingspread, which I consider to be one of Frank Lloyd Wright's greatest works. When it is finished, my LEGO Wingspread will be 5 foot by 5 foot (192 studs by 192 studs), and likely around 40,000 pieces. The scale works out to roughly four real brick lengths for every 3 LEGO studs. The LEGO "Dark Orange" color in the model is mostly 1x2 plates - I procured 12,000 of them for use in this project!

My Previous Scale Creations:

Frank Lloyd Wright's "Thomas P. Hardy House" (Racine, WI):
Frank Lloyd Wright's Thomas P. Hardy House
Model of Hardy House Model
Franks Diner (Kenosha, WI):
Franks Diner
Kenosha North Pier Lighthouse (Kenosha, WI):
Brickworld Fort Wayne 2012: KLUG
The Little Popcorn Store (Wheaton, IL):
The Little Popcorn Store
LEGO Rubik's Cube:
LEGO Rubik's Cube

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