Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Tonight I accomplished... 
  • Laid down 3/4" foam under 24/36 of the baseplates. 3/4" is equivalent to 2 bricks in height. The remaining 12 baseplates are being left low to allow for landscaping and the depth of the pool.
  • Figured out the length of first Main Terrace wall, and tiling underneath to meet the landscaping.
  • Began on ravine shaping leading to the Main Terrace steps.

I should be able to breeze through a lot more of the Main Terrace soon. I've got the pattern down for the sideways dark red brick, it's just a matter of laying it all out and putting down supports underneath it. The grass will continue to be a pain, but it should look great when it's done. The Upper Terrace will be a bit more interesting, I look forward to working on that:

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