Monday, January 5, 2015

Try, Try, Try Again...

In reviewing my collection of Wingspread photos after my last post, I discovered that I had built the Upper Terrace section wrong. It was far too long, the balcony wasn't high enough up the wall, and the big dark grey stripe through the entire middle was just completely wrong - on checking some overhead shots I can now see that many of the windows on the Upper Terrace are full height. So, here's the progress so far on the 3rd attempt at building the Upper Terrace section, as well as the completed northwest wall of the Lower Terrace:

The good news? I've built this part enough times now that I know how to finish it, and the SNOT construction is much simpler this time around.

When building in scale, you can't be afraid of redoing your work over and over again. It may be frustrating, but you'll end up much more satisfied with the final project in the end. The important thing is to keep moving forward.

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