Saturday, April 25, 2015

Almost Home

I've made incredible progress this week. The guest wing roof is complete, along with the giant pergola on the back of it. Today I completed the pergolas on each side of the children's wing as well.

I took a stab at some trees this morning. I'm quite happy with the large oak that sits just next to the terrace. This thing is quite heavy - I used a large portion of my leaf supply on it, but I'm loving the full look of it. It uses lengths of flex tube to provide stability.

All I have left to build now is the children's wing roof, the poolside patio, and I need to finish filling out the garden.

As I near the end, finishing each section, I get to experience great waves of relief and satisfaction. When I started this a couple years ago, I had no idea I could be this happy about a LEGO model. Along the way, this has been so many things to me: constant frustration, a continued locus of contemplation, an immense challenge of my abilities. I look forward to sharing the finished model with the world.

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