Sunday, March 29, 2015


This weekend was quite busy. I laid down the majority of the garden, completed the windows on the servant's wing, and completed most of the roof over the master bedroom wing.

Finding the right angle for the garden pathways was an interesting challenge. I wanted to ensure that everything stayed flat, while keeping the edges parallel to the building walls. I'm quite pleased with it, and I look forward to finishing out the flagstone area in the center. It's unfortunate that I didn't have enough space to showcase the full garden path, but I was able to fit about 90% of it.

Every time I do work on the roof, I get more optimistic about the time it will take to complete it. In my scheduling for the remainder of the build, the roof is allotted the most time because it is the biggest unknown for me. I've long assumed that it will take as much time as any of the individual wings have taken to complete, but that is now looking to be a vast overestimation. I still have to complete the chimneys, woodwork,and flat roof sections for the master wing.

This week, I begin to tackle the guest wing and carport. My first attempt at the carport last year, it turns out, is not long enough. The last thing I did today was work out the measurements for the garden side of the guest wing. I built a story stick using LEGO plates so that I have a very straightforward reference to work from later this week - instead of worrying about counting studs, I can just hold the story stick up against the wall as I work.

Completing the guest wing will mean that I am done with the walls. I'm very excited!

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