Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hidden Spaces

One of Wright's reasons for giving Wingspread 4 wings was for a separation of public and private spaces. Even today, when you go on a tour of the house, there are areas you are not allowed into. Many areas of the building are rarely photographed (inside and out). Above is the servants' wing courtyard. Its walls are high enough that the casual observer is unable to peek inside. Wright even hides the door to the kitchen area behind a second set of walls.

Below is a set of planters built into the side of the house near the pool. It seems few visitors think to photograph these - in my months of looking at photos online, I've never come across a close-up shot of them.

As you can perhaps tell from the photos, I'm running low on tan tiles... Time to stock up on a few more parts before the home stretch!  Sections left to finish:
  • Carport/Guest wing
  • Pool area hardscaping
  • Garden
  • Servants' Courtyard (windows, patio)
  • Roof

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