Monday, March 23, 2015

QR Code

I've been considering building a scannable QR code for for some time now. Yesterday, my wife and I went on a tour of Wingspread, and I felt inspired to complete this. The red signature block was used by Wright on some of his later homes, as a sort of "stamp of approval". 

During the tour, I was able to take a lot of pictures of areas of the building that very few people think to take photos of. As a result I'll be able to make every area of the model accurate, not just the parts that people see more often. 

One other side effect of the tour is the ability to refine my scale more. By comparing lengths of sections on the blueprints with the sizing and number of real bricks used, I can define a better scale standard for wall and window heights in my model. I'm still working out the math, but at the moment it looks like I will have to revisit every section to make it slightly shorter. Not too big a deal for brick sections, but windows may need a redesign all around. 

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