Monday, January 19, 2015

Halfway, sort of.

Wahoo! I've now completed the walls for the terrace side of the building (left side of photo). This marks the halfway point for the house's walls.

Of course, this is not halfway for the project as a whole - I will still need to complete:
  • Landscaping - This thing's got a lot of grass all around!
  • Pool - The beginning of it is in the upper left of this photo.
  • Garden - Will be in the upper right area, currently covered by bags and cups of brick.
  • Roof - This will be a large undertaking in itself; the real house has varied roof pitches all over, multiple chimneys, many pergolas, and a very tall center section with an interesting curved windowed lookout area.
  • Trees - The real property has plenty of these.
  • Cars - The garage will be getting a couple old-fashioned cars, 1930s/40s era style.
  • Table skirting - Not LEGO, but I will be doing something to dress up the wooden tables so they look good at shows, and I will be hiding the pink insulation that I use for elevation.
Once it's all done, I also need to figure out the best way to box it up. Each section is made to come apart easily, but I have no idea how well it will box at this point. Time will tell!

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