Monday, March 9, 2015

Timing Is Crucial...

As I write this, there are 101 days left until Brickworld 2015, where I plan to debut Wingspread in it's finished state. I realized today just how quickly I need to work to get everything done. With 14 weeks left, I need to get at least one of the following done each week if I want to get done in time:
  1. Pool wall - Children's wing
  2. Pool wall - Servant's wing
  3. Garden wall - Servant's wing
  4. Garden wall - Guest's wing/Carport
  5. Terrace landscaping
  6. Pool landscaping
  7. Garden landscaping
  8. Roof (This is probably a multi-week project)
  9. Trees, foliage
  10. Cars for the carport
  11. Lighting
  12. Table skirting and acrylic bariers
  13. Storage/transport planning
I was able to get most of #1 done tonight... perhaps I can get through two items this week. Time to get into high gear! 

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